CFL PRO STAR RED 2100K (Compact Flourescent Lighting)

Product Description


Bloom 300W 2100°K A compact fluorescent bulb for accelerated and efficient growth

A revolutionary product, the Pro Star Bloom Light 8U – 300w compact fluorescent bulb stands 
out with two main advantages. 
The first reason for choosing an Pro Star bulb: benefit from powerful lighting with maximum 
lighting efficiency. With 100% PAR, the Pro Star bulb offers your plants intense lighting, close to 
that of the sun, and which is fully absorbable moreover. 
Without any risk to your plants, the CFL can be placed in the immediate proximity of the flower 
without harming its development. At the same time, the red light given off by the Pro Star Grow 
Light compact fluorescent bulb encourages flowering.
In addition, the spectrum quality reproduced by this bulb, the Pro Star Grow Light compact 
fluorescent lamp provides economic lighting for your plants. Tests have shown there is an energy 
saving of at least 20%. 
Fitted with an integrated ballast, this compact fluorescent bulb offers 15,000 hours of use. 
The CFL PRO STAR 300w (8U) bulb emits a red light, conducive to plant growth and fruiting: 
“Red 2100°K”.
The CFL PRO STAR 300w (8U) bulb gives off real power, not only an indicative voltage. Thus, 
a 300W in 6U lamp is less efficient than a 300w in 8U bulb.
£19.50 £39.00

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