CannaCure Ready to Use

Product Description

CANNACURE is an unique leaf nutrient that prevents and controls plant pests and mildew. It's free of toxins and environmentally friendly. CANNACURE ensures healthier plants, bigger flowers and increased yields.

When sprayed onto plant leaves, CannaCure makes a natural, biodegradeable and environmentally friendly second skin which is flexible and which still allows the plant to breathe (transpire) normally. The second skin prevents pests and mildew spores from making direct contact with the plant leaf. Pests are unable to penetrate it to feed. Pests will stick to the skin and then die as they are unable to function and feed. To cure infestations it is very important that CannaCure is applied thoroughly to both upper and lower leaf surfaces from the top to the bottom of the plant.

A healthy plant is a happy plant. And a happy plant produces bigger yields of excellent quality produce. Ensure the health of your plants with Cannacure – the natural way to prevent/control pests and mildew.

  • Creates a natural, breathable second “skin” on your plants
  • Prevents / controls pests and mildew – even spidermites, white-fly and mealy bug!
  • Stimulates growth as a leaf nutrient
  • Keeps your plants healthy, shiny and clean
  • Healthy plants produce bigger yields of higher quality
  • Ready to use, and comes in a convenient spray-gun!
  • Refill concentrate also available separately
£10.50 £11.99

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