CO2 Bucket System Complete

Product Description

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used by plants to generate energy and grow. A high ambient CO2 level is beneficial for plants’ growth and results in the plants’ ability to absorb high amounts of nutrients. The CO2 Bucket offers a high ambient CO2 level in your grow room in an organic manner. By using natural CO2 producing processes, the CO2 Bucket makes sure that your plants’ growth is optimized without the use of chemicals or dangerous substances. The CO2 bucket will actively emit CO2 for at least 90 days. Your plants will look better, be stronger and have a higher capacity to take up minerals during this period. The application of the CO2 Bucket is simple: hang the bucket next to your lamp and connect it to electricity. Keep in mind that plants only need CO2 during the day, and they do not use it during the night. It is therefore advisable to activate the pump whenever the lamp is on. The warmth of the lamp will activate the microbiological life in the bucket, which generates your CO2 in an organic manner. Because the ingredients of the CO2 Bucket are 100% natural and biodegradable, the content of the bucket can be used as a soil amendment when the CO2 emission stops. Adding the mix of beneficial substances to your soil makes sure that the ecosystem is buffered and activated. This way the capacity for the plants to absorb nutrients from the soil is enhanced.

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