Air Pump ACO9810 Hailea 30lt/min

Product Description
The Hailea ACO-9810 is a high-quality, high-output air pump for driving air through air line tubing and into submerged airstones. As the pump takes air in, an oscillating diaphragm pushes it through the outlet point on the front. This outlet point has an outer diameter of 13mm, so that it can be connected directly to 13mm (internal diameter) pipe. Also included is a rubber reducer which facilitates the connection of the included 6-way manifold, allowing the fitting of 6 x 4mm (inner diameter) airlines. The air-pressure produced is immense and is steady and consistent. The entering air passes through a multi-level muffler to keep noise to a minimum and the special rubber feet on the unit are designed to absorb a considerable amount of the vibration. Very little noise is produced at all, especially for a pump that maintains as much air pressure as the ACO-9810 and power consumption is also very low at only 25 watts.
£53.00 £106.00

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