Maxibright Digilight Pro Select 600W HID Lighting kits

Product Description

Maxibright Digilight Pro Select 600w Digital Light Kit Includes :

1 x Maxibright Digilight Pro Select 600w Digital Dimmable Ballast
1 x Sunmaster 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Bulb
1 x Maxibright Euro Reflector, 5m Cable

Maxibright Digilight Pro Select

The Maxibright DigiLight Pro® Select is a flexible digital ballast developed using the latest SMART technology. Available in 600W or 1000W models both featuring six selectable power modes providing total flexibility during the growing cycle. Choose from 6 power modes to run your lamps at normal power, Super mode for 10% extra power on every lamp wattage (the only ballast on the market that can do this) or dimmed for ultimate light control.

Surge Control® software is used so when multiple DigiLight Pro® Select ballasts are started from the same power supply they will safely ignite multiple lamps one at a time to reduce electrical surges.

Soft start technology – Gently starts lamps with a low current for significantly improved lamp life and to maintain continual efficient lamp output.

Fast lamp re-strike – Plants need a regular day and night cycle. To limit the damage caused by unexpected interruptions to your plant lighting such as power cuts , fast lamp re-strike safely re-starts hot lamps as quickly as possible rather than waiting for them to cool.

Dynamic Frequency Control – Domestic power supplies naturally fluctuate in voltage. Dynamic frequency control regulates the ballast output to your lamps for efficient, maintained lamp output with no flickering during voltage fluctuation.

  • End of lamp life detection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Thermal protection and auto-reset
  • LED status light with diagnostic feature
  • Silent and lightweight
  • Runs high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps

Sunmaster 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Bulb

Sunmaster dual spectrum lamps are proven every day in commercial greenhouses and hydroponic use, Delivers 10% more light than standard HPS lamps, PHOTONIC Enhanced spectral stability at lowered and overdriven power levels, long life and economical, optimised plant receptive-curve spectrum with ZERO added heat at the red areas
£145.00 £160.00

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