Bio Bizz All Mix 50lt

Product Description

ALL MIX is a heavily pre-fertilized soil mixture. It has been designed to emulate rich outdoor soil with a full micro active eco system, but in such a way that it has enough power to sustain lush plant growth for a couple of weeks with no extra fertilizer input required.

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Unlike anything that you would find in a garden centre, the 100% organic BioBizz All-Mix is a specialist soil-based growing medium with a long-standing reputation for producing excellent results.

It consists of 20% sphagnum peat moss, 35% garden peat, 10% high quality organic BIOBIZZ worm humus, 30% perlite and 5% pre mix.

• Effective blend of soil, compost, worm castings and perlite
• Includes a special ‘pre-mix’ of biologically active organic ingredients
• Use throughout veg growth and flowering alongside BioBizz Nutrients

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