Buddhas Tree Solar Power

Product Description

Solar Green Power is the most purest form of silicon on the market, making it easy for the plants to absorb with a host of major benefits including increased photosynthesis and stronger plant cells, making this an essential additive for any serious grower.

Solar Green Power uses silicon acid – the most available form of silica/silicon - to help build huge, fat stems and strong branches capable of supporting the heaviest fruits and flowers. Silicon acid also improves a plant's immune system - increasing its resistance to pests and diseases, as well as improving nutrient uptake and absorption of CO2.

  • The most available form of silica
  • Creates a protective cellulose layer around plant material
  • Raises concentrations of chlorophyll, enhancing photosynthesis
  • Develops fatter stems and stronger branches
  • Boosts your plants' immune system
  • Dramatically improves plant cell integrity
  • Increases nutrient uptake and absorption of CO2
  • Reduces water-loss through leaves
  • Great for use in any medium and any grow-system
  • Can be used right the way through the cycle – veg to flower
£14.50 £16.00

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