Coco Professional PLUS 50lt Canna

Product Description

Canna Coco Professional Plus is made from coconut fibre. Canna Coco Professional Plus provides an environmentally safe and economical growing medium which holds lots of water yet allows air to move freely through it providing oxygen for the roots. Canna Coco is free of soil-borne diseases and it contains trichoderma – a friendly strain of fungus that actually helps protect roots from root-rot. Canna Coco Professional Plus can be re-used several times and because it is a Professional Plus product it can be easily disposed of safely such as in compost or on an outside garden bed. Canna Coco Professional Plus can also be mixed with soil to improve its drainage and structure as it does not compact over time. Compared to other Coco products, Canna Professional Plus is higher quality and is more thoroughly washed so it has very low salt levels. Canna Professional Plus is also better pre-treated and buffered making it possibly the best and most stable Coco substrate you can buy.

  • Provides an ideal, moist and airy rooting medium
  • Environmentally friendly and bio-degradable
  • Easy to use
  • Free of pathogens and diseases
  • Allows very fast growth and a very healthy root system
  • Can be re-used several times
  • Can be used in re-circulating or run-to-waste systems
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