Philips 315 Watt CDM/CDH Lamps

Product Description

These Philips Master Elite bulbs are highly efficient and offer extremely high PAR levels. They are available in 2 versions, Daylight(4200k) for growth or vegetative work or Agro(3000k) for flowering plants.

They are Ceramic Metal Halide lamps and must be used with the correct ballast to ensure proper operation.

We recommend the Maxibright 315 Daylight Ballast which is designed specifically for this lamp.

Also available is the Maxibright Daylight Reflector, which, again, is designed specifically for this lamp and is available as single or twin bulb reflector.


  • High efficiency
  • Great PAR levels
  • Daylight for growth
  • Agro for flower
Daylight - Blue - Growth
Agro - Red - Flower
£109.50 £195.00

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