Maxibright 315 watt CDM Complete Lighting Kit

Product Description

The new Daylight 315 digital ballast for horticultural lighting from Maxibright is compact, lightweight and silent running. With all the features of the Maxibright Digilight range, this stunning ballast precisely drives Philips 315W Elite ceramic metal halide lamps. There are two of these HID lights; the Daylight lamp for growing and the Agro lamp for flowering.

The Daylight 315 when used with the Philips CDM lamps ensures healthy abundant yields, excellent PAR output levels per watt of power consumed and delivers outstanding results at an affordable price.

Maxigrow has tested other recently released 315W ballasts. Our tests found that these ballasts do not run the Philips 315W Daylight lamps correctly; spectrum, performance and lamp life could be affected. We can only  guarantee the Philips 315W lamps with the Maxibright Daylight 315 ballast.

•    Save on your electricity bills and produce the same yields!
•    Includes the Daylight reflector based on the favourite Maxibright Supernova reflector
•    CDM - full spectrum light output that plants love
•    Less heat output than equivalent HPS lights
•    Gives off 1.9 umols PPF per watt - amazingly efficient!

Our complete kits are available in the following options:

Single Agro (flowering/red) - 1 x ballast, 1 x single reflector and 1 x Agro flowering bulb

Single Daylight (vegetative/blue) - 1 x ballast, 1 x single reflector and 1 x Daylight vegatative bulb

Double Agro (flowering/red) - 2 x ballasts, 1 x double reflector and 2 x Agro flowering bulbs

Double Daylight (vegetative/blue) - 2 x ballasts, 1 x double reflector and 2 x Daylight vegatative bulbs

Double Mixed - 2 x ballasts, 1 x double reflector, 1 x Agro flowering bulb and 1 x Daylight vegatative bulb



  • Excellent supplementary lighting
  • Agro lamp for Flowering
  • Single or double lamp reflectors
  • Philips 315 Watt CDM Lamps
  • Daylight lamp for Vegetative Growth
Option \ Philips 315 Watt
£249.50 £300.00

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