Canna Terra Professional

Product Description

CANNA Terra Professional soil contains both white and black peat, as well as perlite to aid drainage. This nutrient enriched growing substrate is lightly pre-fertilised & chalked so that it is pH balanced with an EC of 1.0. and is made to the high RHP mark standard.

Terra Professional is an affordable alternative to Terra Professional Plus. One main difference is that it water holding capacity is not as efficient as the professional plus mix. This soil substrate is ideal for beginners because it allows more margin for error, along with high quality yields that you expect to have with all CANNA products.


  • Gets plants off to very a good start
  • Contains perlite to aid root aeration
  • Enables high nutrient up take for quicker growth
  • Can be used with all soil nutrient programmes
  • Great value at on £9.50 per bag

        £9.50 £20.58