Guanokalong Taste Improver

Product Description

For bigger fruit & flowers with a stronger taste, try Guanokalong’s Extract Taste Improver.

It’s a 100% organic additive made from ethically-sourced bat dung (bat guano).

Plants love it! It’s a unique blend of 2% nitrogen, 2% potassium, 0.5% phosphorous and essential trace elements.

It won’t clog up your hydro system and is clear in colour.

Add it to soil, coco or your hydro system to improve the size and number of fruit and flowers, while enhancing taste.

Use this stuff, and you’ll have an excellent flowering phase! Anyone who’s used it will tell you that. But don’t trust us – try it!

Growth Technology website

100% organic hydro, soil & coco additive (NOT an NPK fertiliser)
• Made from bat guano (bat dung)
Ethically sourcedno bat habitats harmed
Clear liquidwill not clog up hydro systems
Increases number & size of flowers
Enhances taste of fruit & flowers

£10.00 £11.29

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